Hotel d'Alibert's presentation

Hotel d'Alibert is located in the heart of the village of Caunes-Minervois a few meters from the Town Hall Square. For his passing guests, it offers a large garage for cars and 8 rooms of considerable diversity, which often colorful history deserves you do the recount by Frédéric GUIRAUD, the master of the house.

Each has all the amenities one would expect and what a pleasure to stay in this large old house of more than 5 centuries, climb the stone steps, browse the gallery located above the court where stands the edge of a well-poster ?
The luxury here is calm, a kind of timeless pleasure not haste, the desire to remain...

Hôtel d’Alibert's story

The origin of the saga was the family of Alibert which provides the village several provosts. We are in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. On a trip to Italy, one John, abbot of Caunes, would have brought in his luggage, as other Leonardo, an artist from Carrara, which would have initiated the exploitation of marble quarries and organized the construction of the mansion. It is there that would be the explanation of the Italian inspiration of the building.
Take your time when you go to your room to the restaurant or in the courtyard, to think that watching the galleries decorated with medallions, two spiral staircases, beautiful stone arches, then climbing few stairs, go to the well and its depth comes a reverie on the passage of time.

Today, the Hotel d'Alibert is led by Frédéric GUIRAUD. It is the latest link in a family that had acquired the house in 1912, when his great-grandparents, Louise and Germain, settled in what was then one of the cafes of the village inns.

Frédéric started in 1985 with them in the dining room and the organization of the hotel. Since 1986, he took over the whole business and developed its detailed knowledge of solid and liquid foods. It is believed that the projects continue to smolder and the family prepares a result, as they say in the kitchen!

Access to Caunes-Minervois

Just like the Hotel d'Alibert , the village of Caunes some semblance with a maze. That, at least so say those who, in their urban crowding, have lost all sense of direction .

Do not worry , the village is small and old streets , recently renovated and repaved for some , astray only if willing. Locate the official plan and let you go into the slope , thinking then it will go up !

What to see? There are enough guides of the Tourist Office of Caunes- Minervois, signs, symbols and arrows so that all your questions are answered . You 'll miss out on anything. But please , raise your eyes to the tops of the houses although the uneven pavement "old " you are not underinsured .

Stay tuned . At any time , the corner of a square, at the threshold of a house, a quick mind can rise to meet you ...